Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Prayer of the Lukewarm

Oh Lord, let me live my pathetic little life,
Knowing that nothing will be required of me
That is too difficult, or will require sacrifice.
Let me look good, be popular and always have
Cable tv and a cell phone with lots of free minutes,
And a credit card with a really low interest rate.

If someone is suffering O, Lord,
Let me not be disturbed by images that
Might make me feel guilty, or helpless.

How about this Lord? I'll say a prayer for them
And really hope that they will be as awesome as me
And we can all live happily ever after.


“I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:15-16)
SOURCE: Tina Mahar
    • Heather Shall Wargo God, please rid the world of the scourge of hell called relativism and all it's ugly children; abortion, contraception, divorce, homosexuality, same sex marriage, euthanasia, cloning, incest, pedophilia, in vitro fertilization, sperm banks, embryonic stem cell research, domestic violence.... Et al.
    • If a person is lukewarm about the murder of a pre-born person, THEY ARE PRO-CHOICE.
      Mary Fischer The work of the elite ridding the planet of the "poor" did you know blacks were 14% of the USA population in 2000 ... today they are 12% ? PPH sprang out of the genetics movement started by Margret Sanger to rid the country of the "poor"
    • Heather Shall Wargo Today we celebrate Blessed Pope John Paul II's election to Vicar of Christ 34 years ago as well as St. Gerard Majella's feast day- the Patron of pregnant mothers and infertile women. Is it a coincidence that 95 years ago today, Planned Parenthood began their death march?
      Denise Mullarkey Satan is devious enough to know that this was the day - Pray for the sancitity of life, Pope JPII, the great and good St Gerard. Help us to inculturate our society with prolife values
    • Alan Thorne I really like your 'prayer of the lukewarm'. I'd like to challenge those who are not lukewarm to join us in running a display stand for the unborn. Alan,

    • As well as educating the ignorant- like letting them know that the Planned Parenthood death camps are directly linked to the Nazi death camps, as the very company that supplied the Nazi's with the gas ovens for the holocaust manufactures RU-486 for their chemical abortions- the new holocaust.
      about an hour ago ·
    • Heather, can you give me a link that shows that? My daughter created an event for the Silent Solidarity on Tuesday in the high schools to promote pro-life, and we're trying to give as much info about the connection between abortion and the holocaust...thanks!!
      about an hour ago  
      Peggy LaSut Cortez Heather - will you send it to me, too? THNX a million (PeggyCortez at gmail dot com)

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