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Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer (needs formatting)


There is a most terrible irony about the pink ribbons everyone sees, football players who wear pink, “pink days” and other “pink” related products that “draw attention” to the cause of eradicating breast cancer. The irony is that there is a direct link between a woman having an abortion and the fact she’ll have a 40% increased chance of having breast cancer.
This is regardless of whether or not the woman has subsequent live births/children which was once thought to be something that could reduce the risk. This isn’t just one study. There are so many that support the direct link between abortions and a greatly increased risk of breast cancer that a microbiologist is going to post each study, one a day, until he has exhausted every single study out there. He estimates he won’t be finished doing this until January 2011.
So why the irony? The Komen Foundation, one of the largest if not the largest fundraiser for breast cancer "research", gives money to Planned Parenthood.
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There is absolutely no doubt--if a woman has an abortion it greatly increases her risk for breast cancer. There is incontrovertible evidence that there is a suspected link between breast cancer and abortion.
The Koman foundation admits to funding Planned Parenthood and defends the reasons why.
On the surface, their arguments are sound. They give money to Planned Parenthood to pay “only” for screening for the poor to help prevent breast cancer.
Yet there are two glaring problems with this letter. 1) Planned Parenthood’s greatest money-maker is in providing abortions. What assurance (not provided in this letter) do we have that the money is being used for the things they list and not going towards abortions? They offer nothing. Their promise, that the funds they use is …only for breast health education, screening and treatment programs is insupportable.
2) Unfortunately they actually perpetuate a lie in this same letter. I quote from this lie:
Another piece of misinformation being spread by many who criticize Komen for the Cure for its Planned Parenthood grants is that abortion causes breast cancer. Well conducted research consistently fails to support this claim. We agree with the bulk of scientific evidence – from the National Cancer Institute, Harvard, a rigorous study in Denmark and from Oxford University – that there is no conclusive link between breast cancer and induced abortion or miscarriage.

This is simply not true. There most definitely is very credible evidence and the fact that they deny this is astounding.
Why would it matter anyway - why do they defend abortion if the money they give to Planned Parenthood goes to “only” the limited services Planned Parenthood offers and not abortion? Why bother even addressing this issue in the first place if this money is directed specifically and only for the services they claim are being funded?
If the pro-aborts are all about “choice” then why doesn’t The Komen Foundation give women the choice to know this very important information so that she can make an informed choice? Why does Planned Parenthood deny the increased risk of many more things than breast cancer risk directly related to abortion?
According to the Planned Parenthood website:
Abortion is “safe and effective”. This is from the "teen" Planned Parenthood linked page.
I just had my flu shot at Walgreens. There were signs and notices prominently displayed about the “possible risk” for having one of these shots. Before I was able to receive my shot I had to fill out a sheet of paper and sign that I had been informed about the risks. I can’t have a flu shot without being told repeatedly of the possible risks (far less risky than having an abortion I can guarantee no less the risk of long-term after-affects) yet why is there no such claims on the web site of Planned Parenthood?
How can a procedure where they rip out a live baby from the womb of a woman in pieces -- be boldly called “safe and effective”? How can this be put on the Planned Parenthood website without any disclaimers whatsoever? It's outrageous! Well regardless, your tax dollars pay for it!
One of the more egregious outrages is the fact that not only have so many of us been duped into buying “pink” products, but we have also been giving our tax dollars to fund abortions through Planned Parenthood, and other programs throughout the world. In fact one of the first things President Obama did as President was to repeal the so-called Mexico City rule, which prohibits U.S. aid from being used to fund abortion or abortion-promotion in foreign countries
Now your tax dollars fund Mexican abortions as well as untold secret programs the Obama administration has developed to give your tax dollars for world-wide abortions.
President Obama has the distinction of being the most pro-active, pro-abort President ever to hold the office. This includes his Obama healthcare bill that will - despite his promises and promises by Pelosi, Ried et al - fund abortions using tax payer dollars.
See also the links provided below.
This is one of the worst insidious evils in our society and it needs to be eradicated. Shine the light of truth on this evil and it will not be able to stand! Think about doing your part, today.
Let’s be a voice to save lives, let’s get the word out. Stop buying anything that is pink and related to these pink breast cancer “awareness” movements. Pass this Hub on, not because I want any personal recognition, but because I want to try and make a difference God willing. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. My treasured sister-in-law lost her mother to breast cancer. Her sister has breast cancer and she has had numerous brushes with this horrible disease. I'm praying for someone in my church who right now has breast cancer, a young, vibrant, absolutely beautiful woman.
Breast cancer is personal to me.
These women didn't have abortions, but what about those who have one without being informed they have a 40% chance of later having breast cancer as a result?
I am passionately pro-life, however, I do not wish to criminalize abortions. I would never condemn anyone for having one. I care about these women. I care enough to want them to be fully informed about the procedure so that they truly have a choice about what they do.
Please think about doing your part today - pass this on.

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I was forced to remove the photos of aborted babies and frankly, I understand why. It's very interesting to note that the stark, horrific reality of abortion violates the conditions Hubpages places on our Hubs - and they are extremely reasonable conditions, don't get me wrong. Graphic violence can not be depicted. So I do not have an issue with the Hubpages team in any way. I quickly took the photos down once I received the notice.
What I find interesting though is the fact that the realities of "choice"-- the "pro choice" movement etc. -- is that when we show the "fruits" of their labor, aborted babies in pieces, torn limbs, bloody mangled nightmarish images - it's too graphic and violent to show here on Hubpages. Think about that.
One could easily conclude - It's not a "choice" it's the slaughter of a helpless baby.

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